JB = top secret, sorry!

Well, people, I have bad news.  Everything fun today happened in the Room 401, otherwise known as the Junior classroom.  ALSO the meeting place for “JB” — Junior Business, which involves a top-secret theme for Spring Banquet and all the prep and planning that goes into it.  Our meetings are hilarious!  All the serious amazing ideas, and then all the crazy wacko ones thrown in just because we’re in a crazy mood…gotta love it!  I wish I could tell you about them.  But I can’t.  ‘Cause this might go to the wrong people, and then certain people in my class would have my head, for spilling the beans.  And life is way too interesting at this point to want to die!  So….my lips are sealed!

One of the highlights of my day was visiting at Mr. & Mrs. President’s for a while this evening.  I like getting to know them on a “real people” basis.  If that makes sense!

Oh, and “arguing” with my adopted French brother who’s not French at lunch today was fun too!  See, I adopted Eva as my little French sister, and then this other guy found out and was jealous, so I adopted him as my little brother, and he’s at my table this week.  Yup.  Good times!


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