Choc. chip recipe + 4 bakers = caramel cookies

Today was a good day. Had a good talk with my mommy, which ended my day quite nicely šŸ˜‰

Spent most of the afternoon making cookies and cookie dough to sell for fund raising for JB. Wow! Let’s just say that too many cooks bakers spoil the soup cookies! Two batches turned out great…one went weird…one went weirder still and tastes like caramel, not chocolate chip cookies! We had Melody bustling about and fretting and worrying and doing everything JUST so (I think because she wasn’t very confident so wanted to follow all directions EXACTLY.) That drives ME crazy, so I went off on my own little tangent and made my own batches with Lynne, and did things Melody would’ve freaked out at, ’cause I’m not as exact when I’m baking (but I’m a clean freak, and I like my dish cloth RIGHT beside me!). Dee was our official stir-er, and Lynne was everywhere doing everything, teasing me, and making us all laugh, and we were teasing her about her 4:00 “appointment” (meeting her boyfriend in the lounge)! Ahh…it was a fun afternoon. Personality differences, but working with and around them and loving each other and supporting each other and puzzling over chocolate chip cookies turned to flat caramel cookies…it was a good day!


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