An elderly angel

I am really tired tonight.  I can feel myself getting more and more tired in class as the days go by.  One more day till Saturday, and then I can stock up on sleep and be good for another week!

Practical tonight!  Our old ladies (and our grand total of TWO guys!) are heartbreakingly hilarious!  Heartbreaking because my heart aches for them in their lonely, “put on the shelf” state.  Some of them are completely there, mentally, but trapped inside a body that won’t work or let them do anything.  It hurts to listen to them, and hear the sorrow in their voice.  On the other hand, they’re hilariously funny sometimes!  The stories they tell, the things they say, the things they do…!  One guy was directing traffic almost, as we were taking them back to their rooms.  Telling us who when which direction, and in what room, and telling others (who were going by themselves) “No, you’re going the wrong way!  Your room is THAT way!  Two doors down and on the right.”  Talk about angels in disguise…!


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