Flying into a sunrise

A new picture…
Usually I’m flying into the sunset, going home.  This time, coming back east, I flew into the sunrise.  It was gorgeous.  The sun rose on a sea of clouds instead of water.  Absolutely spellbindingly (I know that’s not a word; I made it up!) beautiful.  Think of the fun God must have creating the sunrises and sunsets each day!


One thought on “Flying into a sunrise

  1. Wow! Love the sunrise!! I guess that early morning flight wasn’t so bad after all, eh?!
    Glad for your good long sleep and the not sore back! Maybe that’s what I should try, being as that’s usually what wakes me up too and MAKES me get out of bed even though I feel like the night is only half done. Oh well, when I get to heaven I won’t have that problem anymore! –or need to sleep either!!!

    Love ya’!

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