Birthday cake, my foot!

Choose Joy.  Some days I have to make myself stop and slowly think through the day to find the good things that happened in order to make myself focus on them instead of the rough stuff.

Today, the list would include:
–A fun table for breakfast and lunch.  The people at our table this week are CRAZY!!!  Definitely lots of laughter that goes on!
–The sunshine.  It’s been grey and snowing and storming for forever, it seems.  The sunlight today did my heart good.
–Student Council meeting was canceled!  Small thing, and really, I DO enjoy student council a lot, but today was already busy, the rest of the week looks busier, and life was looking overwhelming.  Funny how being told that I have an extra hour makes everything else look so much more manageable!
–My back did NOT bother me today.  Yay!
–I was alert and able to concentrate during class today, for the most part.  Sleeping during class is not a problem for me…staying mentally present IS!  (I’ve always been one to go off into a dreamworld at the drop of a hat!)
–Did some JB prep work…hehe…fun!  Checked out a possible desert, a senior walked in in the middle of our experimentation, and wanted to know who the birthday cake was for.  I told her it was a secret.  I couldn’t tell her.  Later she comes tearing up to me.
“Tell me, tell me!”
“Can’t!  They’ll have my head if I spill the secret!”
“Can I guess?”
“Go ahead, but I’m not saying yes or no!”
Her guess?  Mr.  Brain.  HAHAHAHA!!!  Go ahead.  Think we’re making Mr. Brain a birthday cake.  It’s a good diversion! (maybe in April I’ll tell her his birthday was back at the beginning of the school year!)

OK, so maybe the day wasn’t so bad after all!  17 days left till break.  If I can survive this next stretch, I can make it for the rest of the year.  Next module will be slightly less crazy…I think!


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