Hmm, I think I’ll sleep in a closet today!

Hello.  This is me.  The weekend went amazingly smoothly.  Wow.  Hit it off good with my girls…that was a nice change.  I was a completely different person this weekend — outgoing, talkative, approaching strangers, taking charge, talking late with my girls, answering their questions, starting random conversations with all kinds of people…I have no idea what happened to me, other than that I know God must have had something to do with it!  I was tired already by Saturday morning, but felt strangely energized.

Had a brief power nap both days.  Today’s nap was in the closet in the phone room!  Well, half of me was curled up on the chair under the phone, just in front of the closet, and the other half was in the closet (it was a raised closet…if that makes sense).  It was a case of “I need to go someplace where I won’t be disturbed, so I can think” and then when I got there, a sudden overwheming tiredness and “I NEED to be horizontal” feeling.  The sleep felt good.  The kink in my neck does not.  I would advise sleeping on a bed rather than half and half on a chair and in a closet!

But it was a really good weekend.  One that leaves me looking forward to retreat next year!

Thought much about KWT’s retreat going on this weekend.  I was running around like a maniac, praying silently for home’s activities…yup, I miss that place!

I’m going to bed.  My batteries need to be recharged.


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