“They DRIVE??! Look at the way they run!!!”

Today was a good day!  The sun came out.  (we are in the “warm, slush, and rain” weather stage right now)  The wetness on top of ice is scary.  But the sun is gorgeous!

Bulletin stuffing was fun today.  Dyson was in the Canadian stuffing, and got KWT’s envelope.  He came to rub it in later, when I was in the American stuffing.  Brat!  But I had fun writing notes to American former students, and laughing and talking with the others working.

I think the funniest thing from retreat weekend was while I was on dorm supervision.  Dorm supervision is to keep everyone out in the main area where the activities are (for safety reasons).  However, 2 drivers and then several of their retreaters came back early.  They started playing some game.  I have no idea what it was.  All I know is that it involved them tearing all over the dorm like manics, with plenty of screams and pounding of feet and collisions.  They were LOUD.  I was wondering if they should be stopped, but no one was sleeping, and it was the DRIVERS, so we didn’t step in (can you tell I hate confrontation?!)  Sarai came back in from the games, completely exhausted (she was a team leader).  Sat on the floor with us, put her head on my shoulder, and announced she was going to DIE.  Then she heard the noise.  “What are they DOING?!”  We explained to her what was going on, and how we didn’t feel we should stop it, because they were drivers — they have rank!  She exclaims, “They DRIVE???!  Look at the way they run!!”  We cracked up.  Completely.  Must not be safe drivers, judging from how they ran around!  I hope the teens made it safely home!


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