A Day in the Life of Lois

Dyson’s bugging me to get my post up.  I told him I didn’t know if I’d get one up today…it’s been an insane day!

So, you get…a Day in the Life of Lois!

6 AM — bell rings — oh, yay.  Actually, I woke up at 5:50, so when the bell rang, I jumped out of bed right away.
6:30-7 — I’ve been reading through the OT in devotions for OT Synthesis class.  Finally got through the “and he reigned in ____’s stead, and he walked not in the ways of the Lord, and he died, and slept with his fathers” part of I Kings.  Now I’m to some interesting (though baffling!) stories!
7 — breakfast
7:15 — get ready for class, study theology…study theology…cram theology!!!
8 — check email…one from an airline!  Cheap prices!  Madly check flights for 10 minutes (why does the internet have to go SO slow sometimes?!)
8:15 -12:30 — class.  Theology exam, a test in Godly Women, finished English book!, fun songs in chapel 😉
12:30 PM — talk to J. Pres and Dabik about JB stuff, arrange a meeting in the afternoon, tell Dyson to hassle me about being late to class LATER!, deliver attendance forms to dean’s boxes, run off to change clothes and gather activity materials for…
12:45 — leave for Big Sisters’ meeting with my Little in Blipville.  Lunch gets skipped today.  Too busy!
2 — Had a great time with my girl. Made CD covers.  This was our first time meeting together, actually. Weather and sickness have prevented it till now
2:25 — back at campus.  Rush to my room, empty backpack, refill, tear back outside
2:30 — go to Town with J. Pres and Dabik to get JB food prices and baking supplies.  Meet Mr. Funny in the store.  Introduce ourselves as the Food Committee.  Yes, alllll two of us!  It’s awkward shopping with Dabik without Lynne (his girlfriend) there.  Next time, I’m making her come!
4 — back at school.  Dump supplies on my floor.  Survey my room (how can something so clean 9 hours ago look like a tornado went through?!) and exclaim, “I NEED to clean my room!!” in the same tone Roomy always does.  She laughs.  MiniD comes and wants to talk, so I run down and have a nice chat with her.
4:30 — run over to talk to Mr. Brain and then Mrs. M and  clear some things up.  Ahh…that’s a relief!  I’m thankful for God’s mercy and forgiveness and grace…and for when humans demonstrate it also!
5:05 — back in my room.  Set some energetic music going, and madly clean for 10 minutes.  The result relieves a little stress in my life.  (mess = stress, for me!)
5:15 — supper with Student Council!  It’s a fun, crazy meal.  We girls deliberately space ourselves out so the guys have to sit between us.  Better conversation that way.  (more to laugh at!)
6 — back to room.  Read a chapter in my book due on Friday.  Gather baking supplies, check email, LAUGH at April’s email
6:15 — back in the kitchen, setting up my cookie dough factory.  Sarai and Raylee come in and talk as I mix and stir and 4 batches of dough emerge.  Raylee helped me package a lot of them.
8 — finally finished.  $40 worth (when we sell it!) of cookie dough is in the freezer, waiting to be sold this weekend.  Ahh…that feels good!  I pack it away and organize the supplies so they’re ready for next time.
8:15 -10:45 – Read more in my book.  Talk on MSN to McTom.  Serious issues we’re dealing with here!  NBBI drama is up and running again.  Visit with a friend from last year.  Discover that the lunar eclipse is tonight.  Call Mr. Brain to find out when.  Let people know.  Try phoning home.  April calls in the middle of everything, and I check flights for her (maybe I should be a travel agent?  I kinda like this job!) Read more.  Start blogging.  Talk to Eva.  Try to find a free phone to call my roommate from last year.  No such luck.  Watch the lunar eclipse.  Take pictures of it.  Girls come and watch from my window.  They holler at the boys.  I shush them.  Dyson MSNs asking when I’m going to post.  I say I’ll try…but no guarantees!

So, that’s my life. Normally, I would ask if anyone wants to trade, but I kinda like my life right now…I’ll keep it 🙂


One thought on “A Day in the Life of Lois

  1. Haha, love this post! I can’t believe how busy your life is over there. I would be screaming if I was that busy. At least you get some sleep!

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