Let’s have a scavenger hunt…for Easter eggs!

My post tonight has to be short.  I have a 100 more pages to read in a book due tomorrow.  Loving God With All Your Mind, by Elizabeth George.  It’s amazing.  Wow, I have so far to go!  (in life, that is)  So much I’m learning.  So much to put into practice.

I’m sick…no time to take a sick day, though.  Too much to do.  Melody brought over green tea for me, and things for my throat.  So I’m sufficiently looked after!  She’ll make a good mother!  I’m going to the Bunnett’s this weekend, though, so will get a rest then.  Well, depending on how late we girls stay up and talk 😉  Ah, well, the best medicine is laughter, right?  (I’m going to have an overdose of it this weekend!)

Student Council was hilarious the other day!  We all seemed to be in happy hyper moods, which made for a CRAZY meeting!  We had wanted to do an Easter egg hunt all over campus, but it got kiboshed (is that a word?!) by the higher-ups for being sacrilegious.  We weren’t particularly happy (though we tried to have a good attitude).  Then Raylee says, “Hey, let’s have a scavenger hunt instead!”  Mr. Vice pipes up, “Right, and we’ll look for eggs instead of random articles!”  S. Pres (our new student council president [since the last one had to go home]) kiboshed that attempt.  Then Mr. Vice, still trying to make the whole thing work asks, “How about if we PRAY before we start?  THEN will it be okay?!?”  Nope.  Sorry buddy, but we’re out of luck!


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