Feb. 24

Ahhh…had a lovely weekend.  Worked on the Bunnett’s house with them — painted window frames, hammered nails and nails and more nails, made chalk lines, and other odd stuff.  Found it very therapeutic.  Shoveled off the ice rink, played Fox & Geese, ice hockey, and just skated.  Took a few runs down their hill.  Laid on the ice and watched the stars (and the airplanes!)  Shook our heads at Fluffy and Mr. Cat (a stray) fighting.  Washed dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and sang along to music when the Bunnetts left for a concert and I was home alone waiting for my ride back to school.  That was therapeutic too!  Didn’t stay up too late any night, for a change.  Wow!  Got creamed AGAIN (this is awful!)  All in all, enjoyed it muchly.  The change of pace was rejuvenating (as well as the many doses of laughter!)  Kay called this afternoon and I answered…I was home alone, in her house, her kitchen, washing dishes in her sink, answering her phone….maybe I’ll stop being jealous of the fact that now SHE is at MY house!!

Quotes from church:
**”Stop trying to impress others by what you do, what you wear, and how you do your hair…unless you’re trying to catch a man!”
**”We can’t be joyful unless our nerves are calm, and our nerves can’t be calm unless we are surrendered to God’s touch.”
**”Sometimes our nerves are frazzled because we focus too much on our problems.”
**”I am planning to have a nervous breakdown.  I have earned it.  I deserve it.  I have worked hard for it, and nobody’s going to keep me from having it!”


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