Supporting posts

I shall be very sad tomorrow.  The couple here from my province is flying back to start work for the summer.  Not even fair at all!!!!!!  (OK, I have SERIOUS jealousy issues!)

No, not seriously.  I’m not jealous.  I just feel like a supporting post has been yanked out from under me.  Even if I didn’t hang around them all the time, they were still THERE.  A link to home.  And I went to look at their license plate every so often, when I was homesick!

Talk about supporting posts being yanked out…  Got news tonight that my cousin’s grandpa died this afternoon.  Ouch.  (and that’s putting things mildly)  I was his “little Lois.”  He was always there, cheering us up….

News like this makes me think not-so-complimentary thoughts about living in the east, and want to book a flight and be on a plane by tomorrow morning…at the absolute latest.

I’m convinced Eva, my French little sister, has x-ray vision.  I can hide my tears and all traces of them from everyone out here…except for her.  Don’t ask me how she knows.  I have no clue.  It’s almost scary!  But the hug she came to give me was very very very needed.

One blessing God has given me on this end of the country:  my adopted French little sister!


One thought on “Supporting posts

  1. Well, hearing your grief, Lois. Just got the news too, and its making me want to cry. Always was one of his Afrikaners. Its so sad. I can imagine its hard to be far away while this is going on. Keep your head up. He`s not suffering anymore, that`s way better.

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