Little joys…

Two things today:
I helped Mini, our special little overseas lady, with one of her papers tonight — correcting grammar, fixing spelling, arranging sentences, etc.  I had a book to finish reading and paragraphs to write and chapter titles to finish before tomorrow, so was hoping it wouldn’t take too long.  It took an hour.  Too long.  But I came away so blessed.  The feeling of accomplishment when we finally finished together…the joy on her face…her lightness of heart now that one of her papers was done…it was totally worth it!

And then Mommy RA came up and asked, “So, how are you doing, Lois?  How are you REALLY doing?”  It means a lot to know that she really DOES care.  That she doesn’t just want the “great, how are you?” surface answer.  That she will be there to listen when I’m going crazy.  Just knowing that encourages my heart and helps me keep going.


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