That candy cane doesn’t fly so good!

The funniest thing from today was in class.  It’s kind of an inside joke…likely only Dyson will get it, and maybe Hope and Eva.  I brought mini candy canes to class today instead of mints (to keep me awake).  Dyson wanted one during the break, so I tried to toss it to him.  Well, he’s in the front row, and I’m in the back row.  So it didn’t make it all the way.  No big deal, right?  Then I suddenly realized what had happened.  “Hey, Dyson!  That candy cane doesn’t fly so good, does it?!?!?”  We both exploded into laughter.  😀

Sanderly gave me a carton of buttermilk on Sunday, but I forgot it in William’s car when we got back to school.  He’s been supposed to bring it down, and I’ve been supposed to go get it for the last 3 days (hey, at least it’s been cold, though — automatic fridge!).  Finally today I headed up to the boys’ parking lot right after lunch.  Grabbed it and was on my way back down the hill when I realized maybe that wasn’t such a smart idea.  Allll the guys were coming back from lunch.  And I was meeting them.  And they’re like, “Sooo, Lois, where have YOU been?”  “You DO know that’s the GUYS’ dorm, right?”  “Hey, Lois, did you get lost??”  Man, if I could get money for every comment I get when I’m coming back from my walks up on that end of campus, etc, I’d be filthy stinkin’ rich!

It’s been a looong day.  Emotionally exhausting.  But the results of all this stretching and molding and refining that God is doing will be worth it, right?  It’s being conformed to the image of His Son.  That’s His purpose for believers.  And that is our true good.


One thought on “That candy cane doesn’t fly so good!

  1. Ha, ha. I get it (not).

    So I’m not the only one to use mini candy canes to stay awake.

    You’re not supposed to know about what you said in that last paragraph until 20 years from now (or at least until after you graduate)! I’m glad some of us are mature.

    I’m feeling pretty busy right now as well. But at least I got the whole KWT catalogue formatted between yesterday and today. If I got money every time I felt like pulling out my hair, I’d be even richer than you if you got money for those comments. Man – WordPerfect must have been invented by Hitler. And Einstein. Together. It has just enough smart features to keep me hooked, and way too many absolutely crazy features (or lack thereof). I should design a whole new word processor.

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