Get your bare feet BACK INSIDE!

I’m walking back from Mrs. President’s, and I see Hannah come prancing out her dorm, exuberantly hug another girl, giving little shrieks and jumping up and down.  As I get closer, I see she’s barefoot.  “Hannah!!!  Take your bare feet back IN the dorm!!” I holler over at her.  Raylee’s coming back from the Dining Hall, sees the sock-less, shoe-less feet and adds her own orders.
Hannah promptly runs all the way down her stairs and into the snow-covered parking lot, literally jumping up and down.  “But I’m excited, and I can’t scream in the dorm, ’cause it’s exam quiet!  Our visas came!!!  We can go on our missions trip tomorrow!!!  YAY!!!!”
Raylee hollers back in a very commanding, I-am-sick-of-this-nonsense mother-tone, “Well, that’s good you got your visas but get your bare feet back in the dorm this instant or you WON’T be going to South America!  You’re not there already, you know — you’re here, and we still have SNOW!  So get inside!”

Ahhh…life with many girls mothering each other is hilarious some days!


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