Just another day on the journey

God is cool.  I happened in upon a conversation between Dad and our business manager.  We’re putting a completely new water system, and are looking forward to being finished with our present daily water testing problems and hassles and headaches. Well, if we have more than 15 service points on one lot, we have to do our own testing anyway.  And in our two lots, we have more than 15 service points on one of them.  So, Mr. Business was trying and trying to figure a way around that.  Then some surveyors came in and surveyed KWT.  And put a stake in up by the ball diamond.  And when Mr. Business went and looked at that stake, he suddenly realize that the line dividing the two lots was not quite where he thought it was.  The line actually divides campus in such a way that it splits our trailer area in half.  And the points where the water comes into those buildings is on Lot 2, which has much LESS than 15 service points on it.  Thus — we’re good!  The service points are divided evenly enough, and we won’t have to test on our own!  How cool is that?!

If God can look after something like that, surely He’s capable of handling my life!

The chorus of a song running through my head at just the right time again…

“Just another day on my journey to paradise…
Just another day of twist and turning down the road of life
Tomorrow by the grace of God I’ll run another mile
Making me one step closer to paradise”


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