We found balance!!!

All right…highlights from the last few days of break.  This is almost as good as break itself!  As usual, I flew back to the Bunnett’s for my last few days of break.  As usual, I loved it.  As usual, I didn’t want to leave to come back to school!  We packed a lot into 3 days.

–A marathon Dutch Blitz game with Sanderly.  Over the course of the weekend, we played to 500.  I beat her to 100…and then 200.  She beat me to 300…then 400.  When she hit 496, I was at 443.  Don’t ask me how this happened, but somehow I pulled up, passed her, and won, 504 to 497.  Every single time I yelled “BLITZ!” I was certain that I’d cut my own throat, ’cause though I had blitzed, I was sure she had gotten those last few needed cards.  Somehow, it never happened.  I think it was complete fluke!  She buried her head and lay motionless just long enough to make me feel guilty, then rose up and proceeded to throw all her cards at me and try to wrestle me to the ground.  It was fun.  🙂
–I am thankful for the love of their family.  Did I ever mention that before??  Probably!  Still, it’s a blessing I am often overwhelmed with.  God knows what He’s doing.  I fought so hard against coming out here.  But if I’d gone to school in the west like I’d wanted to, I would never have met them.  That’s a mind-boggling thought!
–Thoroughly enjoyed a nice long tramp through the “woods” (otherwise known as “the bush” at home!) with Sanderly and the dog.  Still not sure whether Sanderly was taking the dog for the walk, or if the dog was taking Sanderly for the walk!  The freezing rain earlier in the week meant we could walk wherever we wanted without worrying about struggling through deep snow.  Except for the 2 times I broke through the crust and plunged down all the way in up to my hips.  WOW!!!  No one told me the snow under there was THAT deep!  I have a bruise left over from that, but it was well worth it, because it was SO beautiful out there.
–I was glad to be able to celebrate Sanderly’s birthday while I was there.  Man, that family is crazy!!!  I have pictures and videos on my camera that I have strict orders to show NO ONE!  I wonder how much money I could make blackmailing them with these now???  Playing a strange version of Golf made me good and homesick, though.  I just wanna go home where people play Rook and Dutch Blitz and Golf NORMALLY!!!  Then again, who’s to say our way is normal?!  We judge other things to be normal or not based on how it lines up with how we are, which is really messed-up, but yeah, that was a rabbit trail!
–Sanderly and I were discussing one of our least favorite topics on Sunday — balance.  Everything we discuss boils down to it, but it’s SO hard to achieve!  Then we realized we’ve achieved it in one area — our friendship!!  She’s the crazy one.  I’m the quiet one.  Thus, we balance each other!

So now I’m back at school.  I turned my calendar to March this afternoon, saw that we have no assignments due in March, and nearly fell over dead in shock.  Am I seeing right?!?!?  BUT we have Spring Banquet in 2 weeks, which means we’re going to be crazy busy this next little while preparing for it.  It’s going to be fun…but BUSY!!!


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