Addicted to surprises

First day of spring my FOOT!!! Somebody should either change the calendar or notify God that He’s sent the wrong weather! It’s blizzarding. It is not supposed to blizzard in spring!!! But I shall refrain from further complaining about things I cannot change!

Today was a lovely day. We girls (my class) had 3 study halls…sweetness! It made for a very much more relaxing day. It’s so strange not to have a ton of homework. I have 2 more assignments, and then I’m done. For the year. WOW. But we have JB work to do…

I am taking off for the weekend…heading back to the Bunnett’s. Yes, I know I was just there. Go ahead. Call me addicted. I know I am! My excuse is that it’s Sanderly’s birthday. The fun thing is that I didn’t think I could find a ride down, so called yesterday to tell them I wouldn’t be coming. Then this morning, a ride DID work out. So I called to tell April, and she’s probably not going to tell anyone else in the family.  🙂  Can you tell I’m also addicted to surprises??!


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