That’s a pretty conspicuous looking banana!

It worked!  Surprised Sanderly royally!  I followed her out of the store where they were supposed to pick me up (only she didn’t know that).  So I’m right on her tail, coming out the door, and her mom is laughing, and calling, “So, were you surprised?!” at her, and she’s confused and asking what reason she has to be surprised (because I still haven’t tapped her on the shoulder to let her know she’s got company for the weekend).  Then she stops, turns around, looks straight at me, turns around, and continues her walk to the car.  I’m thinking, “Uh oh.  She didn’t even fizz.  She doesn’t look happy.  Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all??”  But then her brain registered what –who — she’d seen behind her, and she whirled around again.  “LOIS!!!!!”

I am SO addicted to surprises!

–Word of the day from traveling with Mr. & Mrs. President and the music team?  Conspicuous!  Or was it suspicious??!
–My code name in Operation Surprise Sanderly?  Banana.  And  yet another Bunnett nickname for me has been born…

Considering the fact that out of the last 5 weekends, I have spent 4 of them at the Bunnett’s, I do believe I shall exercise great self-restraint and not go away this coming weekend!


4 thoughts on “That’s a pretty conspicuous looking banana!

  1. Wow! I think we’ve been replaced. We, her flesh-and-blood family, only get one weekend out of five. Ow. My heart is bleeding. My darlin’ little sister has been stolen by the East. Let me find a quiet little corner to go bawl my eyes out… Not that anyone will care…

  2. Awwww, muffin! Put a Band-Aid on your little heart. If there’s blood, Mom will allow it!

    Stolen by the East my foot! You do realize that if you provided a ride (and got an exemption from Mrs. M for me) I would be HOME instead of at the Bunnetts, right? So ultimately, it’s your fault that I’m not home, and thus, also your own fault that your heart is bleeding!

    Consider this (it might make you feel better): I will be with YOU, solely, for 7 weekends this summer, and then you will have to share me with our family again for the rest of the summer. Does that make the poor lil’ heart feel any better?!

    Gonna go proof that MSN conversation from the other day…maybe I’ll post it tomorrow 😀

  3. The muffin must remember that the very ones whom he accuses of stealing his sister drove his sister to the airport to surprise her flesh & blood family during March Break!

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