God knows what we need

The highlight of my day, again, was helping Mini write out her testimony for sharing at a Conference this weekend.  It was so hard, sometimes, trying to understand her words, and grasp the ideas she wanted to convey, and then put them (whole paragraphs of her talking) into 2 or 3 short sentences on paper.  Challenging to figure out how to work with what she had written already, put the ideas in order, fit our new things in, and have them flow with the rest of what she had written, and have it all make sense.  I was silently praying for help to understand and to be able to put it onto paper so it would express her heart.  After 2 hours of major brainwork (for me, at least!), we finished.  Victory!!!  The feeling of accomplishment and seeing the relief on her face was priceless!!

What made it the highlight, however, was seeing the excitement on her face as she talked about God, and how she wants to go back to her country and help her people.  She’s been through SO much, and I never realized it till today.  Wow.  And yet she’s come out a beautiful woman, loving God even more, seeing His plan, His love, and His power.  I was so encouraged!!  Especially because today I was really missing a friend who has encouraged me spiritually a lot in the past.  I was missing how that person’s passion inspires me, and spurs me on spiritually, and lights the fire in my own heart…and then that’s exactly what helping Mini did…thank-You, God!


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