Small things make my day!

The highlight of my day was (this is going to sound strange!) driving McTom’s car.  It’s a standard.  I haven’t driven standard since last spring.  I usually do a bit every spring, until Dad puts the camper onto our truck, and then my standard-learning comes to an end.

My head knows how, but my reactions and reflexes aren’t there yet.  I bugged McTom all last fall about letting me drive, and tonight he reminded me of it, and agreed to let me drive to Tim Horton’s.  I only stalled it once.  I am now a happy, satisfied girl!

It was kind of weird, because I dreamed I was driving a standard the other night, only in my dream the steering wheel was really low and I couldn’t fit under it and reach the pedals properly.  That was also the night I had nightmare after nightmare after nightmare about JB….


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