An amendement and an addition

So my charming brother enlightens me, and I post an amendment: the correct spelling would be “sauerkraut.”

Some days, brother dear, I hate it when you’re so brilliant. Why? Because it shows my LACK of brains. “Looked it up on,” he says. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!?!?! I checked it on Hotmail. Numerous ways. Put in all kinds of creative spellings, hoping it would recognize ONE of them as being somewhat similar to what I wanted, at least. But look it up in the dictionary? Never crossed my mind. *sigh*

An addition:
(56) Can you spell?
No. Obviously!

No, Mom, I didn’t get anything for filling this out. I gave them your address so you can get all the junk mail 🙂  Just kidding!


One thought on “An amendement and an addition

  1. Hey, for a student with access to the internet, and should be your favorite links! Just kidding. I like it because then I don’t have to go through the dictionary and remember my alphabet letters! 😀

    Being as you gave them our mailing address, I’ll send your email address to sendspamlotstothisaddress.allthetime.respondquickly

    Ya. You know, I have done one April Fool’s joke in my life which was really outstanding. And today I could have pulled the best ever sequel, except I didn’t think of it in time. Sigh. Why do I always forget April Fool’s? The complexities of life.

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