Good? Bad? Who knows?!?!

What a day!!  Good?  Bad?  Awful?   Fantastic?  Who knows?!  I certainly don’t!

One of today’s highlights was seeing some mission family that stopped in — a couple on their way home from missions fest.  Yay!!  She smiled at me across the chapel as I was leaving, and I smiled back, while wondering why this lady was smiling at me so warmly in a way that said, “I know you.”  Then Mr. President brought them to the gym after our class picture and asked me, “Do you know these people?”  I laughed and told him, “I’m not sure, but THEY look like they  know ME!”  We got introduced properly and the pieces suddenly fell together in my brain and I was like, “OH!!!  I know you!!!  I knew you were coming east!”  Such is the life of a MK…never know who you know!

So I was happy.  That completely made my day.  But then they left.  That made my day sad!  I was officially homesick.  I miss my family.  I miss my KWT family.  I miss my mission family!

But then April called.  She had me go into her email account and dictated an email for me to send to Kay (from her).  Threatening her with all I could do now that I was in her email account was FUN!!!  We talked and laughed and I added my own Lois-commentary that will probably make Kay laugh her head off and it was fun and totally cheered me up.

Went bouncing downstairs to the basement to work on JB when I got off the phone.  Then off to a student Council meeting.  Crazy and hilarious, as usual.  Raylee writing Mr. Vice notes ’cause he’s her “favorite hockey player” (at least at this exact moment), Ernest asking why we don’t borrow a cow for our BBQ this month, Mommy RA shaking her head at both of them, J. Pres coming in late and me telling him he really hadn’t missed anything yet, it was just the usual…yep, it was fun!  I am SO going to miss these people when I go home.  Even if I am to the point where I can hardly wait to get on a plane!

Candy was in the basement with us tonight, and made us all masking-tape name tags.  Mine is “Loving Lois.”  Hehe.  Funny, God.  Are You trying to tell me something?  To be loving, even when I feel like biting heads off because it’s hot, the paper is ripping, the tape is running out, the paper is wrinkling, I’m supposed to be in charge but I’m clueless and J. Pres left to work on something else, and I don’t know which paper goes on what wall and what’s upside down and what’s backwards?  Yup.  All right.  Point taken.  Thanks for the reminder, God!

Ahh…life is a series of ups and downs.  All I can do right now is hang on and enjoy the ride to the best of my ability, and try to spend LOTS of time with my God, ’cause I think He’s the only one who can keep me sane right now!


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