Complicated life…

Yesterday was insane!!! Trying to figure out if I was going to practical, or who was replacing the person who replaced the person who replaced me and if they WERE going to go or not…finding a vehicle because the planned one fell through, finding a driver (or should I go, because I can drive)…it was nuts! Also trying to plan a way for Sanderly to come up and visit this coming week — but it might work better NEXT week, so there were options to check out for that, but the people who are my options have to check THEIR options first….. Then trying to arrange something else too, about which I am bound to secrecy, but it’s a lot more complicated and is taking an armload of planning and phone calls and arranging.  But if it works the way we want it to, it’ll be worth every minute of planning and conniving and scheming! Wow…life is complicated! Or maybe I just make it complicated! Yeah, probably the latter!

I went to breakfast yesterday laughing inside. Mrs. G emailed us MK staff to let us know that one of our little boys that we’ll be working with this summer is actually NOT a boy — he is a girl! Hmm, good to know, VERY good to know!

I’m off to go talk to Mrs. M and get clearance from her for all these plans…


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