April 4, 6:16 PM

And [drum roll please] JB is officially ON!!! I leave for the Dining Hall in a couple minutes. I’m still attempting to wake up from my afternoon nap (always a painful process) and get my adrenaline going, ’cause I think I’m going to need it tonight! Our wonderful senior class has promised us Tim Horton’s around midnight…gotta love them!

Today’s been a good day. Full of more planning and arranging.

Today’s chapel was the Practical Christian Service chapel…basically, where they give us all our papers with info about returning, etc. Last year, it depressed me MAJORLY! God and I had some big talks. They went something like, “God, I don’t want to come back!” God: “Lois” Me: “I DON’T want to!!!” God: [ long silence] Lois Me: [sigh] I think I knew I was coming back all the way along, it was just a matter of getting to the point of saying, “Yes, God.”

This year, chapel was easy. Filled out my “YES I will be returning” sheet, filled out my Practical sheet, handed them both in at the door, and went off to class without further thought. Such a change!

Sanderly’s coming to visit on Monday!!!! I’m excited! I was getting permission from Mrs. M, and she asked what we were going to go, and when I told her “Play Dutch Blitz!” she was like, “Really!? I love that game too!” Cool.

All right, I’m off!


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