I like Bunnett visits!

Sanderly’s here to visit for a week! That makes me HAPPY!!! So we’re planning lots of Dutch Blitz and talks and laughs and walks and hockey on Saturday and new hairstyles…yup, I’m going to enjoy this week! Oh, and she has schoolwork to do. So when she does her work, I’ll do some of my extra work Mr. Brain gave me on the side.

Yesterday was a busy day. Did lots of work for Mr. Brain in the afternoon (made up a freshman theology exam — hopefully they won’t all wan tot kill me next week!)

Today is the boys’ day not to talk to girls. I got one heart already. All I did was ask for the milk; I didn’t want him to talk to me! *sigh* Oh well.

I’m off. May not hear from me much this week. I’ll be rather occupied. But, we’ll see


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