A quick post…

Had another enjoyable day.  We spent the morning study hall playing Dutch Blitz.  I debated skipping the next class, but figured that explaining to Mrs. M, when I get called into her office, that I skipped class just to play more Dutch Blitz would make her do two things: laugh, and then give me demerits and a work hour.  So I went to class!

Our last practical was tonight.  That was sad.  I’m going to miss our old ladies.  A LOT.

I hear there are surprises going on at home.  I hope big brother enjoys his expected cousin and little brother enjoys his UNexpected cousin!  Wow, we’re growing up when the cousins start to randomly pick up and go visit each other with no parents in tow…

I’m going to bed.  I’m tired.  Wonder why!?!  Actually, we’ve kept a very good curfew this week.  Mostly ’cause we’re still getting up at 6 AM, and I konk out on her all the time!  So sad…the only way I can stay up real late now is when I’m coming back from the west and I’m wired at 11 PM ’cause my clock is all messed up!


2 thoughts on “A quick post…

  1. Glad to hear you two are somewhat behaving yourselves. You certainly would not want demerits during the last week of school! I can’t believe you actually stop talking at a decent hour. That certainly does NOT happen when you visit the Bunnetts!

  2. We made up for it the last night, Melissa! And even then we somehow didn’t manage to finish all we needed to talk about!

    Don’t worry, though, we WERE very good…I think…can’t remember offhand anything that was VERY bad…I’m going to go to bed before I do remember something!

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