April 8 ~ Wednesday

Woke up this morning to the sound of a squirrel scolding away.  Laid there, not fully awake, and suddenly realized, “A squirrel?!  I’M AT HOME!!!!  I just think I’m at school; I’ve been dreaming, and I’m really at home!!!”  I was getting quite excited, and then suddenly the thought struck me, “Hmm…if that’s the squirrel in my back yard and I’m at home, that means I’m not in the east, and at school, and I’m going to miss Sanderly.”  Hmm.  Sobering thought.  Then I woke up all the way and realized I WAS at school and Sanderly was sleeping in the bed right above me.  And I was happy.  Because life is just about perfect right now.  I’m still at school with my friends, but I have no homework, and Sanderly is visiting, and home is within sight.  Life is good!

We were playing Dutch Blitz earlier today.  We’ve had this joke for a while — “When you’re stressed, eat Twix!” (my favorite chocolate bar).  Then today Sanderly was like, “Hey, if you’re stressed, let ME eat your Twix for you!”  So we shared my Twix bar!

Went for a walk this evening…ended up almost to Blipville, then decided to go the last 5 minutes and touch the bridge just to be able to say we did it!  So a 20 minute walked turned into an almost 2 hour walk.  But it was good.  Very enjoyable.  We talked and talked and talked and solved all the world’s problems except our own.  Our problems are too complicated and there are no answers.  Other than “time” perhaps!  😉


3 thoughts on “April 8 ~ Wednesday

  1. Like I’ve said before, now I know where I stand. You’re how many thousands of miles away, and life is just about perfect. Thanks. Friends, no homework, Sanderly, and looking forward to home have replaced being home with family. I’ll go back to my pillow and start crying. I’m glad you’ve solved all the world’s problems! Tell you what – for 50 bucks would you be willing to solve mine? And then I’ll tell you my friends’ problems, and you can solve those as well. And then I’ll tell you my sister’s problems and you can… oh wait. Gimme that 50 bucks back please. That’s nice you can solve everyone else’s problems. Maybe we can trade – you solve mine and I’ll solve yours 😀 Have a good day!

  2. Awww, muffin! Cheer up, brother dear. You’ll get me to yourself for 6 entire weeks this summer. Then you’ll look back on these days and wonder why on earth you missed me! Besides, if you cry onto your pillow it’ll go moldy and new pillows cost money.

    Sanderly says you need to up the payment to $10,000 since we’re going to revolutionize the world and $50 isn’t much for all that work. It ain’t easy, you know. Then again, since you’re a brother, we’ll give you the brother-rate, which is $1000. Hey! Let Nesser know about the brother deal, and we’ll solve his too, if he wants. HEY! How about you two go together and we’ll give you an EXTRA discount — $1500 for both?! You should be very thankful. We are being very generous in our offer. And it’s for a limited time only! Buy quickly before the sale is off!! Then again, considering that the combined number of brothers isn’t all that huge, they may not sell out…never mind.

    We’ll raise the price for solving sister-problems, since there’s more girls and since we seem to have more problems that are bigger. Then again, maybe we just make them SEEM bigger.

    But as for you solving our problems, we don’t think you’re smart enough. Sorry. You just don’t understand girls. That’s okay. Neither do we!

    OK, that’s enough, Sanderly’s dying of laughter over in the corner where she’s supposed to be working. She says there’s gotta be an easier way to grow up. We’re going to go live in a cave. I may or may not have internet access. I’ll email you if I do.

  3. Hey I want in the problem solving deal too! Actually maybe I’ll start charging $50 bucks every time someone tells me their problems! Even 50 cents would bring in a good profit!
    Just kidding, call me anytime. I don’t know all the answers but I can pretend. So fire away. Tell me exactly what is it you and Sanderly need me to solve? If you are planning to go live in a cave I think I know what your problems are. Sorry those ones are hopeless. Just got to live with it. It is part of the “spice” of life.

    Well, I am glad Sanderly gets to visit you and help you solve the worlds problems. But I must admit, I miss the phone calls I get when she isn’t there! Maybe I’ll go cry on my pillow and send her the bill for a new one!

    See you Sunday.

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