Brain dead…don’t know what to call this!

So…life returns to “normal” — whatever that is! Took Sanderly back yesterday. I enjoyed her visit so much. Lots of Dutch Blitz (somehow we still managed to come out evenly matched at the end, having won an equal number of games), ridiculously long walks (all the way to Blipville — haven’t done that yet, in 2 years), theological discussions, analyzing of life, talking over questions, solving the world’s problems (!), identical hairstyles, matching our clothes, playing piano, talks with Mr. Brain, studying out in the sunshine, ditching little rivers in the muddy road by the guys’ dorm, folding bulletins, crazy hilarious fun on MSN with Eva (wow….long story there, but too confusing to explain logically!) …oh yes, and there were classes, schoolwork, and practical in the middle of all that! AND we went to bed at a decent hour every night! Well, every night but one. Eva came to visit, and we talked late. What time we hit the sack that night is OUR secret!

It was fun being mistaken for sisters. Fun singing with the Bunnetts when we took her back yesterday, to meet them where they were singing in a church. It’s so funny, when I go to a church with them! Once a guy was talking to Jewel and I after church (this was last year) and he asked us, “So, are you from around here, then?” She nodded her head. I shook mine. The poor guy looked CONFUSED!!! You can imagine what was going through his head! “These girls don’t even know where they live!” Ahhh…I like adopted families! Waaay too much fun! And a huge blessing. I’m thankful.

I enjoyed a good talk with McTom on the way back last night, even though I was super-tired by the time we got to Town. I was struggling to keep my eyes open and was seeing double and triple and quadruple copies of the signs (instead of just one) in my attempts to focus my eyes! I’m thankful for those God puts in my life to make me think, and spur me on spiritually. For the little things in conversations that He’ll use to make me stop and think about where I’m at. God is good!


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