Follow the wife or the Holy Ghost?!

I need to laugh today. So, quotes…

Studying Martin Luther’s life for our Church History exam. It is said that he said, “In domestic affairs, I defer to Katie. Otherwise, I follow the Holy Ghost!”

Mr. Funny:
~ “Insoughts. That’s a word for insights and thoughts, for when you’re in a hurry.”
~ “The value of a shepherd is not how well he pets the sheep, but how well he protects the sheep.”

Mr. Deep:
~ “Do your givin’ while you’re livin’ so you’re knowin’ where it’s goin’!

Mr. President:
~ “A nut screwed onto the right Bolt will be very effective.”

Mr. Brain:
~ “My motto is, ‘Why be difficult when, with a little more effort, you can be impossible?'”
~ “They were about as affectionate as a block of ice.”

~ “In every group of kids, there are a few deep thinkers and a few stinkers!”
~ “The knight in shining amour will probably fall of his horse several times!” (Mrs. M)

Spent the day packing, studying, doing laundry, on the phone, organizing, taking inventory, making lists, etc. I intend to make my packing in August a little less stressful this time around! Dee and I studied together a bit today, and I mentioned packing. She was like, “OOOH, right, I remember — you’re the packing fanatic!” Yeah, well….that’s me! Pack specially to make everything fit, pack what’s left in the most organized fashion possible, pack clothes to not see till next Jan, pack clothes to go home, make sure nothing that I want to wear is in either of those, because my favorites need to go into the suitcase I’ll live out of for the next 2 weeks, some stuff I’ll use during Conf, then pack away…. good grief, I think I make this way too complicated!


5 thoughts on “Follow the wife or the Holy Ghost?!

  1. Winter sweaters, snowpants, etc. I won’t need to bring them out again till it’s officially COLD. Because it seems to take till around January to get seriously cold here. No such thing as -50 here!

  2. I’m being forced! I’m going away for the weekend, to visit my roommate from last year. Everyone else gets to pack over the weekend, but mine needs to be packed by the time I leave.

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