English is a stupid language!!!

English is a stupid language!!!!  Honestly, it makes no sense at all!  LOL!  “Sense.”  That would happen to be my subject tonight!  Mini was studying for her Old Testament Exposition exam tomorrow, and came to me with a question.  The paragraph was talking about how one must examine the interpretation of a text critically, and make sure it makes rational sense and does not contradict other areas of God’s revealed truth.  We worked through several of the words in the paragraph that she didn’t understand, and then came to the word “sense.”  She didn’t have a CLUE what it meant.  Well, someone PULEEZE do me a favor and tell me, how does one explain THAT?!  We tried and tried and tried and I pulled up the dictionary and the thesaurus on my computer, and she pulled out her little translator thingymabob and we (or I was!) were nearly ready to pull out our hair when it finally clicked.  RELIEF!!!!  She explained it back to me, and how it fit in the paragraph, and I said, “Yes, exactly!  That’s what it means, in this sense.”  WAAAAIT….there it is again, with a different meaning!!!  Umm, quick, rephrase that!

Came back to my room stewing over the craziness of our language.  Sat down at my desk, pulled up my definitions to look at them again, and fumed, “English is a STUPID language!!”  My French roomy looked up at me in shocked bewilderment.  Guess she probably doesn’t hear that very often from English people!

ANYWAY…I have to finish packing my room and study for my Old Testament exam tomorrow morning.  I’m going away this weekend, so my room is supposed to be clean by tomorrow morning.  I’m going to see Lean & Thori!!!  (my roommate from last year, and her boyfriend)  So I spent the day packing up.  Again.  Roomy packed in about 2 hours.  I think I have serious problems.  Is anyone willing to counsel me?!


2 thoughts on “English is a stupid language!!!

  1. Hah! Thanks for the invite! Want me to help you pack??!! Ha Ha!! just kidding. Only you can pack as well as you do–you do a very good job of it!! Seriously! I couldn’t get all that stuff in so little space as you do. You don’t have that big of a problem, I think!!
    Love ya!

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