“Light the Fire”

Apr. 17 ~ Thursday ~ Late at night

Well…THAT was a lovely evening! I’m playing some calming music now, in an attempt to slow down my brain, heart rate, and all else.

So I spent the evening packing, studying a little here and there, helping Mini, etc. Went down to take a shower when the 10 PM bell rang. I had JUST gotten out — as in, reaching for my towel — when I heard the fire alarm go off. Hmm. That’s interesting. My senses went into high alert as I retrieved my glasses. They are essential if I am to function, think straight, and not panic. I throw on my housecoat and make my way to the first floor. The commotion seems to be more of a “how do we make this noise stop?! It’s hurting my ears!” type than a “THERE’S A FIRE IN THE LOUNGE!!!!!” type. But the RAs are telling us that it’s the fire alarm, not just a smoke alarm, and we are to get outside to the Dining Hall pronto-like.

Dining Hall. Hmm. That’s outside. In sight of the boys. That requires clothes. So I struggle up the stairs, against the stream of traffic coming DOWN, to find myself clothes.

I’m upstairs. If there WERE a fire in our dorm, I’d KNOW. These dorms would go down like — yeah, well, like a house on fire! In absolutely no time. It’s been a couple minutes already, and there’s no sign of anything. Pretty sure we’re safe. But my RA outside my door calling my name makes this the fastest get-presentable-after-shower process ever. I consider what I would take out with me if there were a real fire. Bible, laptop, journal…

The girls all gather at outside the Dining Hall. No fire coming out of the other dorm either. Everyone’s equally confused. I’m sure now that my laptop and journal still in the dorm are quite safe. We’re all herded into the lounge. Mrs. M arrives and takes stock of everyone. Uh oh. One girl not present. She was last seen talking on the phone (to her boyfriend, we assume!) Mrs. M orders us to STAY (wow, that was definitely the “assertive” tone!) and zips out to track down the girl. She shows up a short time later. Mrs. M is still gone, but apparently there is no fire and everything and everyone is fine, but we still have to stay here until Mrs. M comes back and gives us clearance.

So we’ve got about 50+ antsy girls impatiently waiting. Some girls tell some jokes. We roar with laughter when a poor unsuspecting boy comes to retrieve his laundry from downstairs. Somehow, a boy in the midst of this scene is just hilarious! Some girls clamor for a song. “All right, what should we sing?” asks an RA. “Light the Fire!” is the first response. It’s an all-time school favorite and is sung pretty much every time we turn around. So it’s a typical request. But WAAAAIT a minute. “LIGHT the FIRE”?????? How about we pick a DIFFERENT song for tonight!!!

Fast-forward to us all swarming back to our dorms after clearance is given. Megan is laughing and saying that instead of suggesting “Light the Fire,” someone should’ve asked for “Spring Up, O Well”!!

It is now midnight. We are safe, in our dorms. All is quiet. Who knows why the alarm went off. Fire drill? Stupid joke? I dunno. It provided some excitement in our lives. Nothing burned down. The bags and boxes and misc items piled in the halls, waiting to be moved to the attic or basement are still there, and no one tripped over anything and killed themselves. (Now would be a REALLY bad time for the fire inspectors to come!)

My room is pretty much packed. My studying — I’ll get up a little earlier tomorrow morning to finish that and perhaps clean a little.

All is well in my world. We are safe. There was no fire. Thank-You, Father


2 thoughts on ““Light the Fire”

  1. Huh-wow! Absolutely redonculous. Sounds exciting. Sounds scary. Of all the times for the fire alarm to go, eh?! Nothing beats trying to think rationally and clearly without glasses. I hate my dependence on such a thing. Why doesn’t anything exciting like that ever happen to ME?? Enjoy the weekend with friends. See you soon.

  2. Wow, that sounded very interesting. Nothing like a fire alarm going off late at night at a bad moment. At least you had fun!

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