I am SO getting a dog someday!

I had an absolutely lovely weekend. Went to my favorite eastern province to visit my roommate from last year, Lean. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I realized partly why I love this province so much. It makes me feel closer to my family, because I can remember specific sights, buildings, places, etc, from when we were all here together several years ago. (Remember the different colored bricks house, Mom?) AND I love this province because every time I go to it, I see a license plate from home. Now THAT takes the cake!

I’m thankful for friendships where we can pick right up where we left off 5 months ago and keep on trucking with no trace of awkwardness.

Had fun driving around with Lean & Thori in his Barbie Jeep. Then he put big tires on it Saturday morning and it became his monster truck! “Hey Louise — do you like my monster truck? Hey Louise — do you like my monster truck? Hey Louise –“ “YES, Thori, I like your monster truck!” They took me to the beach. It was COLD — not quite as brutally cold as last time I visited, but definitely COLD — but so beautiful. The wind and the waves and the blueness and the endless water and sand are breath-taking. I could’ve stayed there a long time, if I wouldn’t have frozen to death!

I was happy to see McTom’s mom again. I love that lady!! She is always a huge encouragement to me, and points my eyes to God. In the midst of everyone’s boy-teasing craze (they were trying to find me a nice boy so I can move there) she was the one sane voice!

OH! I am so getting a dog someday! Even if it’s gonna have to be a little”yappy dog” as I like to call them! Lean’s family got a little white dog back in fall. I came anticipating an allergic reaction so made sure I had my pills with me. Arrived at the house. Cute little fluffy white dog. I pet Star and admired her. Washed my hands. Pet her again later. Washed my hands. Repeated this process a lot during the first evening. Shortly before going to bed, it suddenly dawned on me that I was not reacting to this dog, in spite of hugging people who had been holding it, petting it numerous times, and being in the house with it running all over and jumping up on me. WOW!!! I tentatively asked Lean’s mom if this was, by any chance, one of those hypo-allergenic dogs?? It was. And wow, it seriously actually doesn’t bother me!

It was SO weird to pick up a furry animal and cuddle it. Everything in me screams not to; I’ve ingrained it in myself. It took me till Saturday afternoon or evening to be able to overcome that instinct and freely pick her up without forcing myself past the initial “unclean!!!!” reaction.

So, maybe I’ll get a dog someday after all. At any rate, it was good to be able to check out this hypo-allergenic dog thing I’ve heard about before.

All in all, it was a lovely weekend. I could definitely move to this province someday. Lean & Thori are glad I am finally seeing the light, as they are forever telling me I need to move. I told April that I could so live here someday, when I called her Saturday morning. Mrs. Bunnett told me I’m not allowed. If I move, east, I have to move to THEIR province. I told her she’s going to have to battle it out with Lean & Thori. April promptly replied that there are more Bunnetts than Leans & Thoris! I love feeling wanted 🙂


3 thoughts on “I am SO getting a dog someday!

  1. Wait a minute. Wait just one lllooonnnggg minute. You are NOT moving East. I repeat NOT. As one of our Eastern friends says, I will get in my car and come over and get you myself. Don’t you know how unpredictable the weather over there is, for one thing? I’m not even going to mention all the other reasons. Like that I’m over here, plus your whole family. And now you’re talking about moving over because you had a good weekend with friends. After we’ve had, what, 20 years together??!! All gone, all down the drain. Let me go get a Pespi and a pillow to cry on. Ted, where are you?! Really. Besides, over here you could go ski-dooing and sliding today. Bet you can’t do that where you are!!

    In other news, I’m glad you found a dog you can cuddle. Wow. I never heard of a hypo-allergenic dog. And I didn’t realize how much cuddling an animal would mean to you. That’s cool.

  2. So, should I give you the gears too?!! Maybe we’ll have to pray you finish your 3rd year here so you don’t get brainwashed into staying over there!! I hope you’re not serious!!
    I have an idea. What if we got one of those dogs for you here? Then would you stay?! It does sound wonderful to have one like that. Maybe when the cat dies??…. which may be this summer?…. I am glad you had a good time. That is a beautiful province. It is here too–beautiful 8 inches of white everywhere and still coming down! Pussy willows were already coming out before this. I’m sure it will melt fast though.

  3. You’re family will kill me for this, but I’d come visit you if you moved east. which is “this province” by the way?

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