Response to family

It’s funny how old habits really do die VERY hard! I’ve moved back onto my old floor, from last year, for Conference. Every single time I walk down the hall, I start to turn into Room 104, then have to stop myself. LOIS!!! You don’t live there anymore!!! How many times do I have to tell you this?!?! Living next to my old room and being in my old RA’s room is just SO weird…

OK. So, I see my post from yesterday didn’t exactly agree with my family. Soo…excuse me for a moment while I attempt to rectify matters.

Andrew. Since when do you tell me what I may and may not do?? If I choose to move east, you can’t stop me!! Especially seeing as I’m rather out of your reach at the moment 😀

There. I got my rebellious streak out.

Actually, that whole “I’m going to move east” was just a ploy to get a reaction from my western people and thus feel even more wanted!!!! Just KIDDING!

But you’re right — the weather out here is ridiculously unpredictable. Then again, I seem to have figured out all its cycles in my post on Feb. 18. And consider who got the dump of snow in the last few days and who is enjoying the warmth and sunlight and heat, even? Yep. Point made!

Now, the family reason — that’s a pretty strong one there. In fact, that’s why I AM coming home this summer and not going on a school team. So consider yourself special! And yes, you have more pull than friends. Do you feel better now?!

I think Ted’s probably playing hockey right now. Too busy to comfort you with one of his precious Pepsi cans!

OK, on to Mom. Mr. Brain is trying to brainwash me into doing 4th year. So far, he’s not suceeding!

Yeah, maybe we should try one of these kinds of dogs next, when Miss Cat takes her leave of earth, which probably will be this summer.

Got to go. Internet’s shutting off. That was fun!


4 thoughts on “Response to family

  1. Ok, now I don’t know if you are moving East or West. By the way, I’ve always been telling you what to do. You just never knew it. Or maybe you just never listened! I guess that’s what rebellious means!

  2. I don’t know where to move either. That’s why I’m going to live in a neutral province for 6 weeks!

    Hmm…soo…you say you’ve always been telling me what to do. What happened to a certain comment along the lines of “girls are the bossy ones in the family” from a 3-way conversation the other week??? Are you actually ADMITTING that you lied??

  3. wow, do I feel better now! Yes we are getting you this summer and we will relish every day of it. –and I hope we get you back after next year too. But anywhere is OK as long as it is where God wants you!! We’ll just have to adjust, eh??!! Home “fires” will always be burning waiting for you though!!

  4. and I thought you were coming to MDP for me 😦 now I know the truth – it’s just a neutral province… by the way – have you ever considered a state? Wisconsin to be specific? 🙂 Can’t wait to get you to MDP! Hurry! We miss you!

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