I will NEVER have venetian blinds in my house!

Today was a rather rough day.  I think I’ve kind of “checked out” of school life already and am halfway into the next stage already, mentally.  Lois, you’re not done yet.  5 days left. I’m ready to move on, but I must stay present for a little longer!  (forget the moving east thing — I want to go home!!)

My favorite part of the day was practicing piano with Miss India on the organ.  We’re playing together for Thursday’s meetings this week.  She’s such a sweet lady, and being around her lifts my spirits.  Playing the piano was good for my heart, and the words to the songs we picked somehow matched what I needed to hear.

Called a friend from the west tonight — the oldest Steele daughter.  They’re coming one day early to the KWT Conference!!!  Funny how just one day earlier makes me bounce with excitement…9 more days till I get hugs from one of my favoritest little girls!!!

In other news today, I have officially cleaned more venetian blinds in the last few days than I’ve ever cleaned in my life, and I hereby solemnly swear that I will NEVER have them in my own house!!!


One thought on “I will NEVER have venetian blinds in my house!

  1. What about my venetian blinds?? I thought you were getting good at it so you could do a good job on mine??!! Ha Ha! Honestly, I’m just kidding!!

    Hang in there!

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