My RA is here!!!!

Went to Mr. & Mrs. President’s this evening, to watch a movie. Patty’s boyfriend arrived halfway through the movie, and she was super-excited to see him. During the break between the two movies, we stopped for cake. I happened to overheard something about him and his brother bringing a Mel up with them. Connected mental dots, trying to figure out which Mel they were referring to. Then it dawned on me. “ANDREW!!! WHO did you bring?!?!?!” I was so excited I could barely control my voice. “Mel _______,” was his response.

Whoa! Let’s just say I was out the door in 3 seconds flat, tearing across campus barefoot. Hang sandles. Takes too to put them on securely enough to run in, and I was on a MISSON! Raced all over campus, zipping in and out of dorms, looking for her, running until my lungs were searing. My asthma kicked in majorly from tearing around outside in the cool air at top speed. But I finally found her on my second trip through the main building. She blasted up out of her chair and came running to meet me. Ahhhhh…..

So. My RA from last year is here. Mel my RA, as I called her, or my Sole Guardian as she called herself. It’s so strange to be around her. She feels like a figment of my imagination, or some part from my very distant past. I never thought I’d see her again.

We talked till after midnight last night, which is why this is being posted now, not last night! I’ll write more later as to part of the reason why it is so special to see her again right now, but at this moment, it’s classified information. [this is where I need the little smiley with the zippered mouth. But I have yet to figure those little guys out!]

All is well in my world. Well, in this exact section of it, anyhow! My Sole Guardian is here. Lean & Thori come tomorrow night. Life is good!


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