April 29, 2008 ~ Tuesday ~ 1:45 PM

Writing from an airplane — one last time for several months. I’ve got a nice Orthodox priest — Father Youssef, as he introduced himself — who is from Egypt sitting beside me. We’ve had quite some interesting discussions, but at the moment, he’s snoring. I managed to sneak past him to go to the washroom and see how Dyson was making out.

Yes, Dyson. I am bringing an easterner home with me! And Mr. Deep is coming tomorrow to speak for Conference! And Nesser is already out west! Slowly but surely I am converting people to westernarianism [insert evil, conniving laugh]!!! Just kidding! I am seriously NOT trying to get everyone from the east out west. I’d be really happy if all my eastern friends moved west so they’d be closer, but…can’t have everything I want now, can I?! A month or so ago Dyson and I were talking about Mr. Deep coming and I threw in a typical random, “Hey, you should come to my province with me!” I was shocked when he stopped to actually think about it and went chasing down Hope to discuss it with her. I was even more shocked when he came back and said he wanted to. I was even more shocked when he said to go ahead and book the flight!

So Dyson’s coming to KWT for Conference! And once again, I am enjoying my addiction to surprising people. You see, he’s good friends with Nesser. And remember how Nesser came up to school several times this year and surprised Dyson? Well, Nesser doesn’t know Dyson’s coming west! So this evening is going to be a lot of fun when we go show up on his doorstep. “Hi Nesser. I brought you this bag of stuff from your family, and I brought you something else too — it’s small and loud!”

Conference was exhausting. We were sitting through 5 hours of meetings a day, Thursday – Sunday. And guess what I get to do this weekend?! Same thing all over again!!!

I found myself strangely reluctant to leave the Bunnett’s. I’ve been looking forward to the summer SO much. Now that it’s upon me, though, I’m almost afraid of what it will bring. The Bunnett’s was a like a safe in between spot. I was “rescued” from school life and its stresses, joys, and exams, yet I was insulted from home and whatever the summer will bring. I told Sanderly that, and she laughed and told me that when life gets too complicated this summer, I’m to find a spot, draw a circle around myself, pronounce it the “Bunnett bubble” and declare myself safe!

Deut. 31:8 — “And the Lord, it is He that goes before you; He will be with you, He will not fail you, or forsake you: fear not, neither be dismayed.”

Oh, before I go, I’ll make sure to remind you all that Dyson has a girlfriend (Hope) in the east, so there’s no point in flipping out over the fact that Lois is bringing a BOY home. I imagine I’ll get a reaction from a few KWTers who will see me come onto campus with Dyson. They’ll probably have about 589 question marks popping up in their minds, but I plan to set them straight as soon as possible!

OK, scrap the fact that I’m scared! We’re about to land. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

Royal. It was royal. We sneaked into the house with the help of his boss’s wife, and then she went screaming downstairs, “Nesser, Nesser, come Quick!! NESSER!!! There’s a rat in the kitchen, I need you, NESSER!!!!!!” Rat in the kitchen my foot! But boy, it got him up there quick, and he was shocked! Now, next time I want to bring a sister home with me!

I’m too tired and sleepy to think straight. I hope all the above makes sense. I apologize for not taking the time to proof-read. But it probably wouldn’t do any good anyway. Hope, I took pics of Dyson all the way here, and we got part of the reaction on camera.


One thought on “April 29, 2008 ~ Tuesday ~ 1:45 PM

  1. I really enjoyed your entry today! I guess I’ll see you tonight. It seems every time you come, you always have someone to surprise. Your family sure loves surprises.

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