Honestly! Boys!

Spent the day working in the Kitchen with my cousin Dawn, hugging Steele kids, having potato gun fun with the boys and the cousins, running around in town with Dawn, developing pictures with her (she was a HUGE help, lol!), unpacking my bags from school while she took a nap on my bed, ironing the easy way by throwing everything in the dryer, packing again for MDP, shocking my uncle with my typing speed, proving that yes, I was actually typing WORDS that fast, not just gibberish, eagerly looking through the new yearbook … it was a very full day.

Kay called late in the evening to tell us that Nesser hurt himself on their excursion, so they would be getting back REALLY late.  Good grief!  One of the grads nearly killed himself Thursday night, doing trike stunts during the intermission half-way through Banquet.  Ended up being rushed to the hospital by ambulance.  Boys!!!  What is with them?!  They’re going to give me gray hair by the time I’m 25!

Then, just as I was getting off the phone from her, Andrew and Rose & Robert walked into the bedroom!  They came back a day early, from MDP!!  I hyperventilated on the phone there a bit, and was really excited.  It’s so good to see them again!  I love surprising people, and I love it when people surprise me!


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