MDP…I made it!

MDP….ahhhhh! Arrived here at 3:30 last night. Yes, you heard right — 3:30! Mrs. G left a note on the door saying to coming right in and see them, but I figured she probably wasn’t thinking we’d arrive at 3:30 AM and I didn’t want to make enemies the first night back, so I didn’t. But they heard me shuffling around in my room right above theirs and Mr. G came out. “Hello, Lois.” “Umm…hi!” [in a sheepish tone, because the original plan had NOT been to arrive so late!]

It is SO good to be back. I could’ve cried with relief as we drove in the driveway. The last few months have been so long, stressful, tiring, stretching, and overall, exhausting. Don’t get me wrong — they’ve been a good couple months. Very stretching, and thus, I’ve had to run to God a whole lot more and depend on Him, and thus, grow more. So they’ve been good, but definitely not easy at all.

Thought process for the last 7 weeks or so: “If you can make it to MDP, Lois, you’ll survive. You just have to last till MDP. Then you’ll be okay. You can rest, have fun, relax, screw your head back on straight, take naps, play games, laugh uproariously at staff meetings, be rejuvenated — you just have to last till MDP.” And, I have made it. I am here. I will survive! Thank God for MDP! Mrs. G just THINKS I come for the kids. Really, I come to recuperate and pick up my scattered pieces and regain my sanity 😉

Actually, I love the kids too. We had fun today. I was arguing back and forth with the identical puppets already. Mr. N, the leader of our class, said, “Oh my, you’re going crazy THIS early, Miss Lois?!” It took me several weeks to let loose that much last year!

*A hasty addition later in the day, hoping to get to my own blog before Mrs. G does*

I had another reason for coming to MDP too!  Mrs. G!  She was definitely a highlight of last year, and definitely part of why I’ve been so excited to come back.  Between VERY helpful lectures on and discussions about “MKness”, teaching me how to cheat, being my cheating partner, (yes, there is a story behind that!) inspiring me with her piano skills, her one-of-a-kind hugs, much laughter, and extended phone calls and emails  and advice and help after MDP, I am officially hooked!  And so, there is another reason I am glad to be back!  She’s trying to talk me into moving to the States instead of my favorite eastern province.  We’ll have to see what my family says about THAT!


2 thoughts on “MDP…I made it!

  1. I’ll have a say about the “moving to states” idea….nope, no Americaner in my family…Can’t have you moving to the neighbours to the south. you have to stay in Canada. What would you do without snow anyway? Glad to hear that you have a chance to recuperate. I’m working at that now as well. I’m continue to enjoy your blog…keep it up.

  2. We have snow!!! – but spring comes a lot earlier! 🙂

    Lois! You did get to it before I did… I’m loving having you back… Now I’m worried that the weeks will go by too fast! Not enough time to enjoy our time together!

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