Welcome back to the land of the MOSQUITO!!!

I knew I was officially at MDP by about 3:45 AM on Monday morning.  I got into my room, unrolled my sleeping bag on the bed, and noticed a spider on the wall above my bed.  So I rummaged around for a Kleenex and climbed up to kill it.  Got close enough to reach it, then realized it was not a spider.  It was a dead smushed mosquito.  Welcome to MDP!!!

Now, the explanation that was due:  MDP is a missionary training program up north in booney-land.  Or at least, it REALLY feels like booney-land this year!  Especially because the communication with the “outside” isn’t the greatest this year.  Cell phones go dead pronto-like ’cause they’re always searching for their towers or whatever, the phone system this year STINKS, and the internet is the only thing that’s really reliable.  It’s supposed to work in the lodges this year, but doesn’t all the time.  But it DOES in the Admin building, where I am right now.  I just may go through phone withdrawal during the next 2 months.  Not like that would be all that bad of a thing, I suppose.  It’s good to be made non-dependent on what I depend on every so often.  So even though the times when I’m internetless or, here at MDP, phoneless aren’t very convenient, I’ll take them as being for my good.

Three other MKs and I are working with 6 kids ages 4 and under.  Mr. N and I have the “older” class which really isn’t all that older this year, and Miss T and Miss H and have the littles.  I’ve been here 2 days and am having fun and going crazy already!

More to come a different time.  It’s getting late and I want to get back to the lodge before it’s dark.


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