The boy species may go extinct

Thomas (12 months) was making the room smell with a not-so-pretty aroma this morning in class, so I hauled him off upstairs to change him, though he’s not technically in my class.  As I was carrying him out, Mr. N and Miss T looked up and warned me that he SQUIRTS.  Ahh.  He’s a boy.  Changing boy diapers can be dangerous, I’ve heard, though I’ve never experienced it.  So I set the kid down on the changing pad and solemnly warned him that if he DARED squirt me, I would never have a boy child of my own, and his species would die out and it would alllll be his fault.  Smart little man that he is, he decided not to squirt me.  He played happily with his cookie and I changed him as fast as I could, just in case he’d forget my warning.

MK Ministry team meeting was today.  Mrs. G rambled on, as always, and Mr. G sat and waited for her to finish, as always, and we laughed much, as always, and finally, after saying, many times that we really needed to pray and get to supper, she finally turns to Mr. G and says, “Why aren’t you praying, honey?!”  He rolls his eyes, sighs, and bows to pray, and she mutters, “We really need a date night!”  Ahh…this is why I come back!

Quote of the day:  The only boy in our class looks up at me, and announces, “You look like a big crunch!”  To Mr. N, he announced, “You look like a water!”  Go figure.


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