The process of growing up

First, I have to save my skin here:  Yes, you ramble, Mrs. G, but that was said in love, and I appreciate your “rambles” because you have many good tidbits in them.  And when they’re not profound rambles, they usually produce much laughter, and therefore are a lot of fun.  And we love you.  Did I mention that?  (and am I redeemed?!)

I grew up this weekend.  Andrew and I took off down south, and visited Uncle & Aunt and also several great aunts and uncles.  It was very strange to do that without Mom & Dad.  I went to the apartment door to get our one aunt, Andrew was taking her driving directions instead of Dad, we had to try to figure out how to tactfully and graciously end one visit so we could get to Uncle & Aunt’s for night without being insanely late (though we were most definitely late!), we did all the map-reading and finding our way in the city, and calling ahead to arrange visits, we drank hot beverages and sat at the table visiting for a long time after meals, I ate my porridge and soup with a big spoon (I still like little spoons better — a big one just doesn’t fit so good in my mouth)…it’s strange to be grown up.  Very strange.


2 thoughts on “The process of growing up

  1. hehe…you’re all grown up…the big spoon and hot “Beverages” and talking, makes you sound like you’re finally in school…like graduated from toddlership…instead of being college age…Congratulations.

  2. Love you too!

    The idea that I was really grown up didn’t really hit until I was the one sitting with my sister and her husband around a camp fire, while all her children were busy getting a picnic lunch together, taking care of crying babies, etc., etc…. I suddenly realized two things at once! I have finally arrived at being a grown up! & I’m old!

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