Insanity sets in…

Afternoon sessions started today.  LOONG afternoon sessions.  So we have the kids from 8:15 – noon, and then 2 – 5:15 PM.  Yep, long days!  By the time the parents came to get their kids today, you could tell it had been a long day.  The classroom was a disaster.  Mr. N had “died” at least 40 times (under order of the kids) in all kinds of contortions, and been “doctored” by having a bandage tied around some part of his body.  Somehow it would miraculously fix him and he’d come to life each time with jerky, jolting motions, only to be promptly put back to death.  His head had been crawled over.  They’d clamped their hands over his mouth maaany times, to keep him from saying he really was alive and did not need shots after all!

I pulled the movable wall down on myself when Miss H took after me with a pillow (has Mr. G been giving her lessons?!) and had a little tiny space between the wall and the bookshelf in which to dodge her pillow (thankfully, it wasn’t long enough to reach me).  Yup.  It was a long day, and the MK Ministry Team workers are officially crazy!  I have all kinds of pictures to prove Mr. N DEFINITELY is, and then he was taking pictures of me crawling around in my little hiding place, hair all over the place.

WOW.  Yeah, I know, you’re probably wondering if someone should come rescue me.  It’s okay.  I’m loving it!

I’ve officially got 3 very different sides of me now.  The home side.  The eastern side, which is especially pronounced when I’m around the Bunnetts.  And THEN there’s the MDP side.  Yup.  Wow.  Scary!  But I love it!


2 thoughts on “Insanity sets in…

  1. Hey – I’m here! I’ll take care of her! Big brother to the rescue. Now if I can just find her, and keep up to her, and restrain her, and maintain my sanity, we’ll be A-OK!

    I think she’s making it sound worse than it is – but then again, I’m not in the kid’s classes, so I wouldn’t really know. Maybe I’ll have to come check up on her!

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