Nice. I like this life!

It was a nice relaxing day.  Class went well this morning.  My post this afternoon was in the lodge with the napping child — now that’s what I call easy work!  Did my laundry, had devotions, journaled, sorted pictures, cleaned up, etc.  When she woke up, she wanted to cuddle a long time.  I was happy to oblige!  Ahhh…I love life!  The other kids came over, and did some rubber stamping downstairs in the craft room.  I went down there too, with Ava still curled up in my arms.  Miss H started going crazy and trying to stamp people’s cheeks.  Mr. N got it, then suggested me as the next target.  I decided it was time to change Ava’s diaper and exited the room in short order!

Mrs. G and I were talking at supper, about snow and ice on lakes and coldness and how much warmer it is in the States, etc.  Someone said something about snow, if I remember right, and we both turned to each other at the exact same second and exclaimed, “You should move to [Canada] [the States]!” then burst out laughing.  Great minds think alike?!  Only in opposite form?!  It was funny 🙂

There’s supposed to be hockey tonight.  I’m supposed to make sure Miss H goes to bed at 10:30 tonight.  Threatened to drag her there if she doesn’t go by herself.  I keep quite late hours at MDP, mainly because of the very relaxed schedule.  And it’s much easier to stay awake in the mornings when you’re chasing kids instead of sitting through more than 4 hours of classes and chapel!  I seem kick into high gear around 9 PM and am able to accomplish more in the evenings…I don’t know why.  Being a night-owl is not something that works very well for me during “normal” (non-MDP) life.

All right, I’m rambling, so I’ll leave now!


One thought on “Nice. I like this life!

  1. ahhh… the rambling is catching now! 🙂

    are you renaming all our MKs? 🙂

    Loving having you close!

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