“I want to be a paper Jesus”

Wow.  This has been quite the day!

First, a name change.  Miss H has officially become Miss Joy.  I just like Joy better.  It fits her.  I asked her permission.  She likes it better too.

Odd funny things:
**Miss Joy read a certain book to Noah 4 or 5 times in a row (upon his request).  Then he went across the room to Mr. N and asked him to read it.  Mr. N opened it to the first page, and Miss Joy began to quote it.  So there’s Noah, sitting by Mr. N, who is turning the pages at the appropriate time while Miss Joy “reads” it from the opposite side of the room.  I laughed.  You know you’ve read a book too often when….

**Mrs. G came up to me in the meal line today.  “Which spoon would you like?  The small one, or the REALLY small one?” as she holds out 2 options.  Whew!  So I can go back to my little spoon here!

**Quote of the day:
Noah, when asked which animal he wanted to be when playing Noah’s ark: “I want to be a paper Jesus animal.”  ???!!  We did not teach him that!  Honestly!  I promise!!

**I had to change Thomas’ diaper again today.  I re-threatened him, just in case he forgot from last time.  He was a good little boy baby.  So far, I’m still planning on having a boy of my own someday.

We played Dutch Blitz tonight.  Wow.  Talk about insanity!  Mrs. G decided that she will put a note in the curriculum saying that on the same week that the parents do the interpersonal relationship skills classes, she needs to have the MK team over to play Dutch Blitz and get rid of their stress!

Miss Joy can imitate a cat hissing quite well, we learned tonight.  And Mr. N can imitate a cat in heat ROYALLY.  It’s scary.  We won’t go there!

There was something I was supposed to put on here so Mrs. G could send the link to her son to prove something…trouble is, I forget what it was.  And though I’m hollering down at the floor, Mrs. G is not hearing me (their bedroom is below mine.  Not only are the walls in this place thin, but so are the ceilings/floors, as we discovered a few nights ago!) — the communication line is not working so well tonight, I guess!  Oh!  Wait!  I remember!  Miss Joy needed help adding up the score and I was attempting to do it in my head, but Mrs. G’s brain works faster than mine and she had the answer before I’d even started to add the numbers in my mind.  :S  (There.  Happy, Mrs. G?!)

Ahh…life is good.  I love it here!  When Mr. G needs to keep us in line, he threatens that he won’t give us our paycheck.  Or, for the girls, that he’ll make us sign that contract saying we’ll never get married, leave the country, go on a missions trip, or do anything that interferes with us returning each year for the next 40 years, or as long as they are in charge of the MK Ministry area.  When I need a threat, I just say I’m going home.  It usually gets a pretty good reaction.  Problem is, I like this place.  A lot!  Maybe I’ll scrap moving alllll the way east and just move a little bit east, to here?  No, wait, this only lasts a few weeks out of the year.  So, scrap that idea!


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