Duck will DIE!

What kind of animal says ‘Arf arf’
Says ‘Arf Arf’
Says ‘Arf Arf’?
What kind of animal says ‘Arf Arf’
Can you guess its name?

What kind of animal says moo moo

— Oh, wait, I’m writing a blog post that’s supposed to make sense. Ahem. (but if you want to sing that song, sing it to the tune of “Mary Had A Little Lamb”) Sorry about that, there. But there’s not much in my brain that’s making sense these days! And I’ve got a dozen other songs stuck in my head….

“Noah built a great big boat, just as God had said…”


Had another good day. Another staff meeting. Mrs. G tried real hard not to ramble. After talking a while, she said she was landing her plane. Mr. G told her, quite a while later, that her plane was circling waaaay too long. She replied that no, she’d landed, but she was taxing in. And that it was a long runway. And there was lots of traffic ahead of her!

I laughed hard, and remembered studying for Hermeneutics with Haylee back in fall. We related everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, to a good plane flight. “A good sermon must have a solid, smooth conclusion. Come to the point, and land on it. Don’t circle your point for forever. Well, when the [real-life] plane gets to my city, I want it to just LAND already, and not circle for forever before landing!”

Not like that had anything to do with Mrs. G talking to us … that was just a ramble of my own, thanks to my spaghetti -brain, compliments of being a woman! And I did wish Mrs. G had gotten to finish her point … the plane engine was killed before it got to the airport (“OK, so how ARE the kids doing?”)

Miss Joy is trying to fix Duck. Who is Duck, you ask? Well, Duck has batteries. Strike #1. And Miss Joy would play him nearly every time she sprayed toys each day last year. Strike #2. He would play the music for a silly little song, and Mr. N would sing the words to it. Then, they would get stuck in my head. Strike #3. And they’d stick in my head for most of the day. When I forgot it, temporarily, Mr. N would randomly start singing it. Strike #4 And when I’d finally get rid of them totally, it would be time to spray toys again and — guess what?! Miss Joy would play Duck again! Therefore, Duck and I became bitter enemies. I threatened Duck with many not-nice threats. I was glad to put him in the rubber maid tub and close the lid on him at the end of MDP.

Miss Joy pulled him out the other day. Duck had corroded over the past year. YAY!!! She had to work to get the screws out of him, I believe, and put in new batteries. For the last several days, as she has been talking about reviving him, I have been reviving my threats and planning new methods of death. But guess what?! Duck did not work, even with new batteries! She’s going to take him home and wash him out with baking soda and vinegar . I am hoping Duck will not work, even with that concoction. But just in case he does, I do believe I shall talk to Miss Joy’s younger brother and see how much it would take to bribe him to kidnap Duck and keep him down there for the rest of MDP??

If you’ll excuse me now, I need to go count my pennies…


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