Where is Thumbkin?

Where is Thumbkin?  Where is Thumbkin?
Here I am!  Here I am!
Where are you going?  Where are you going?
I’m going to class!  I’m going to class!

Modified version I sang many times today, during a game where James grabs my finger and I have to wrestle it away from him in order to keep singing:
Where is Thumbkin?  Where is Thumbkin?
Here I am!  Here I am!
Where are you going?  I’m stuck in James’ hand!
I’ll save you!  Please Hurry!

Mr. N taught me a little hand trick thing, where you have letters written on your fingers, and as you open and close the proper ones they spell words, and you squish a bug (drawn on your hand) at the end…  Somehow, it appealed to the evil side of me or something, and I got a huge bang out of it and practiced it over and over the rest of the morning (piano-playing coordination helped me finally get it down) and did it for my brother at dinner.  Mr. N, Miss Joy, and Miss T were rather shocked at my gusto and enthusiasm for practing it over and over, I’m sure, and my brother is now dead sure I’m going insane and is considering shipping me back home pronto-like!

The phones worked today!  And guess what!?  After a week and a half of trying almost daily, or several times daily, I FINALLY got through to Mrs. Steele!  Now THAT made me happy!  I’m looking forward to a face-to-face visit in a few weeks.  One where we don’t have to keep repeating ourselves because the phone cuts out at the worst moments possible!  Made some other calls too.  (any MDPers who were trying to call out tonight will probably hate me when they find out it was me tying up the phone lines!)  Talked to Kay for a while.  So nice.  We teased and bantered back and forth and I remembered the first night we discovered each other’s sense of sarcasm.  I can still remember the exact spot she was standing — my split-second shock at what she’d said, then the realization that she was teasing, then suddenly feeling very much more at home with them!  I would very much enjoy a face-to-face visit with her right now too.

Mrs. G said something about friends the other night that was quite profound.  It would fit quite well right here, but I don’t remember it well enough…I’ll have to check with her and put it on tomorrow.


One thought on “Where is Thumbkin?

  1. Lois! When did you talk to my mother! I wanna know why exactly you didn’t talk to me! So unfair!
    Well, here’s payback. Former KWT director and his wife are staying at our house for a whole week! HA! Boy, ain’t I mean:)

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