Happiness is…

–sleeping in. It’s been 7 weeks since I did that!
–playing piano for almost an hour; random hymns and arrangements; haven’t done that since I left school. I miss the chapel piano at school, though 😦
–sitting on the grass in the sun and writing Kay a letter. This brings happiness right now; in about 3 days, when the mosquitoes move in, it will NOT be a happy thing to do — unless feeding the mosquito population brings you happiness)
–soaking in the sunshine. It seemed the winter and the cold and the gray would NEVER end this year. I think I got Grandma S’s tendency to get depressed without enough sunshine in the winter. Only I don’t usually realize it until I’m finally in the sunshine again, and feel my soul coming alive.
–enjoying a picnic in the warmth of the late-afternoon sun. My lovely brother offered me a perfectly done marshmallow. That would’ve been a very nice kind deed except he knows I don’t eat marshmallows. And just in case you didn’t know that, brother dear (though from the look on your face, I’m assuming you did), thank-you — I DO appreciate the gesture, and the thoughtfulness behind it — if you honestly didn’t know!
–talking MKness with others who understand it. MKs have all kinds of funny little quirks we often don’t even realize until they’re pointed out to us!
–seeing a married couple sneak a kiss during supper. Don’t know why that makes me happy; just does. (you know who you are 🙂 )
–playing games and laughing. And laughing. And laughing. Laughter seems to be a very large part of my MDP life. Maybe that’s why I like it here so much!

Oh, the friend thought from Mrs. G:
She likened friends to jewels in a jewelery box. All are very precious and special. And some you can take out and look at and enjoy often. However, there are some you can only take out and enjoy here and there, a couple times a year, or only once every 5 years, who knows.

I guess missing far-away friends is part of growing up and broadening one’s horizons and making friends not within one’s geographical area. Now me, I don’t do that 😛 That is, I don’t [usually] make friends who aren’t in my geographical area. My friends are usually pretty close to where I’m living. Problem is, I live in 3 places these days! And the majority of the people I make friends with in two of those geographical areas aren’t even from there — we just congregate there for a while. Ahh, life is messed up!

All right, that’s enough big thoughts for one day. I don’t want to overuse my brain, you know!


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