I like weekends

Enjoyed the day thoroughly. Especially the evening. Hung around after the evening session, and then Mrs. G started playing piano and we gradually clustered around and sang along for about an hour. The music was good. Good words. Words I needed to hear. The piano playing was inspiring (if I move to the States, will you give me lessons, Mrs. G?!). Seeing people relax and have fun singing was made me smile. Andrew and I decided we must be from a different generation when they started singing songs we had never heard before in our lives. But then Mrs. Director said she didn’t know them either, so we felt a little better!

Andrew came over and we looked at some of my pictures and videos from school. I officially miss Sanderly. A lot 😕 I miss “creaming” her in Dutch Blitz (or being creamed, depending on the day!), laughing my head off with her, LATE night talks covering every subject under the sun and solving all the world’s problems except our own, and…yeah, you get the point! I’m happy to be back in the west…but I miss the people who hold part of my heart captive in the east.


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