Wooing starts at age 4?!

Silence in the peanut gallery. Either my life was fairly normal today, or else I have a bad memory. And then combine either reason with an all-day headache and a strong desire to climb into my bed instead of staying upright, and you have a VERY short post!

James’ quote for today: (to Carrie) “You look like an ice cream bar!” Well…I suppose that’s one way to win a girl’s heart! Ice cream IS sweet, so it’s a nice compliment…but I think 3¾ is a little early to begin such things!

I’m going to go journal. Losing one’s life for Christ’s sake … which means you’ve actually found your life, in giving it up … thinking about next summer already … wondering if there’s a way to work coming back here again … wondering what to do after graduating … my mental wheels are churning again tonight.


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