Jonah…bleached and stinky, or untouched?

Today was a GOOD day!!!  Why?  Because I finished coloring my picture!  Mr. N usually photocopies an extra coloring sheet for me — it helps the kids be content coloring a little longer than they would be normally.  Problem is, I can never finish coloring my picture.  Too slow, too much of a perfectionist, and crayons and me don’t get along well.  (why do we try to teach children to color inside the lines with crayons?  It’s next to impossible, even for me!  Pencil crayons, now — that’s do-able)  So I never, never, never finish my picture.  Ever.  But today — I DID!!!!!  I was happy.  I gave it to my brother, and told him he had better keep it, ’cause it’s my first MDP picture I actually finished coloring this year!

I was reading through last summer’s journal before I went to bed last night, and found this entry.  Ah HA!  THIS explains my craziness at MDP!!!  It’s all God’s fault!!  Actually, not His fault at all.  It’s thanks to Him.  And I’m glad for it.

June 20, 2007 ~ Wednesday ~ 11:20 PM
God is so cool!  I’m bubbling right now!  I had 2 puppets yesterday, and was playing with the kids and caught myself being absolutely CARAZY and even Mr. N said I was being psycho!  But I was having so much fun with the kids.  And then it hit me — I PRAYED for this.  To be able to let loose with the kids and not be self-conscious.  To be able to put away the quiet, reserved side that holds me back, and have fun and be crazy and let my imagination run wild.
And God answered!  I was able to put away that quiet, shy, reserved side of me when I was with the kids.  Even when I was around the other MK team members.  Of course, their personalities probably helped shake me loose too!  But it was so cool to realize that today.  God is so cool!

Thursdays…at school, they meant Celia meetings and much laughter.  Here, they mean MK staff meetings, and just as much laughter (if not more!)  We covered some theological topics in addition to the typical kid topic.  For instance, we don’t usually think about it, but there is the possibility that Jonah was NOT a pretty sight when the fish (doesn’t say it was a whale) spit him out.  Maybe the sun was so hot for him because his skin was so super-sensitive from the digestive juices in his “motel.”  Then again, God protected Daniel’s friends in the fiery furnace, so maybe Jonah wasn’t affected at all and came out untouched…who really knows?!  Another funny thought that struck Mr. N and I during class — nowhere does it say that the beach Jonah was spit out on was unpopulated.  If there were people there, can you imagine what they would’ve been thinking as they watched this take place?!  I wonder how many of them doubted their eyes and their sanity!

I had a confidentiality clause (whatever that is…I only understood the first word!) slapped on me, so I shall report no further on the meeting.  Maybe Mrs. G doesn’t want me telling how much rambling went on without Mr. G there to supervise??!  😉

Quote of the day (by Noah):  “Who is God’s daddy?”  Wow…..where — and HOW — does one begin a theological discussion with a 2½ yr. old on THAT?!?!


2 thoughts on “Jonah…bleached and stinky, or untouched?

  1. Well, Lois, I was doing a little research and Matthew 12:40 says whale, so it does in the Bible that Jonah was swallowed by a whale. Just thought I would mention that since we want to be theologically accurate :). O by the way, thanks for allowing me to stay at KWT a couple weeks ago, I’m still reminded of the blessings God has given us.

  2. Have I said this lately? – that . . .


    You truly are a very precious gemstone in my treasure chest that brings me great joy! I thank God for you!

    Thanks for your note… I am encouraged by God through you!

    and thank you for looking for the small pearls in the midst of my enormous oyster shells of ramblings and stories…

    and – perhaps I don’t not want to read about MDP staff meetings here… that was a double negative… so if you write about stuff – maybe I’ll remember what actually happened! :-). I did go ahead and tell my honey about the story I told on him… and he asked if I also shared that I’ve done it too? I told him – yes…. haven’t told him yet about our discussion on Jonah…

    now – back to those inventory pages… this might be more painful for me than for you all :- )

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